• Musago Tour: For Teachers

    Whether you’re a classroom or studio music teacher, Musago has much to offer! This post features a series of short videos designed to help you implement musago and answer some commonly asked questions. Here’s what we’ll cover. Musago Lessons & Teacher Resources The Musago Certificate of Achievement Grades Teacher Account, Inviting Students & Reporting Pricing […]

  • Enhance Your Teaching Business

    So… you’ve discovered that Musago is a great resource that could prove to be very handy in your business, but you might be wondering how to transition into using it and getting your students on board. Not to worry, that’s what this post is all about. Here’s what we’ll cover: Using Musago with your students […]

  • Musago Certificate of Achievement Grades (MCA’s)

    The Musago Certificate of Achievement Grades (MCA Grades) are a great way to provide students with clarity and get recognised for all the hard work they have done. In a nut shell, the MCA grades are a suite of assessments that test multiple areas of music knowledge all at once. Currently we offer the following […]

  • Musago In The Classroom

    Any resource that helps teachers and students in the classroom is always worth investigation – and Musago is one of those resources! If you’re a classroom music teacher then you are most likely juggling a lot of tasks.  This can get even more tricky when your students start to diverge and learn their own instruments. […]