Musago Certificate of Achievement Grades (MCA’s)

December 7, 2022
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The Musago Certificate of Achievement Grades (MCA Grades) are a great way to provide students with clarity and get recognised for all the hard work they have done.

In a nut shell, the MCA grades are a suite of assessments that test multiple areas of music knowledge all at once.

Currently we offer the following grades:

  • MCA Preliminary
  • MCA Grade 1
  • MCA Grade 2
  • MCA Grade 3
  • MCA Grade 4
  • MCA Grade 5
  • MCA Grade 6

There are plans to develop grades 7 & 8 over 2024.

These grades provide a great framework for learning and are accessible to students from the moment they have access to Musago.

Each assessment is a comprehensive multiple choice quiz, where a certificate is awarded upon completion.

Grading is as follows:

  • Pass: 65%
  • Merit: 75%
  • Distinction: 85%
  • Higher Distinction: 90%

Students may retake the assessments as many times as they like, however the multiple choice answers are randomised on each retake.

Students participating in music examinations, such as the Saint Ceclilia School Of Music, may be exempt from the music knowledge section of the exam by presenting their relevant completed MCA certificate to the examiner.

The Saint Cecilia School of Music will also recognise MCA Grade learning and can issue SCSM theory certificates of the same standard. This is particularly attractive for students who would like extra TCE or QCE points for their school education. This recognition begins at the grade 2 level.

To see the full MCA curriculum and find out more please head over to our MCA grades page.

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