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September 15, 2022
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Any resource that helps teachers and students in the classroom is always worth investigation – and Musago is one of those resources!

If you’re a classroom music teacher then you are most likely juggling a lot of tasks. 

This can get even more tricky when your students start to diverge and learn their own instruments. Some get private lessons and excel while others are happy just to do what’s asked of them in the classroom.

Musago seeks to address this by providing self paced contemporary music theory courses and lessons, particularly for grades 7 to 12.

Musago Lessons

Lessons range from the basics like notes on the stave all the way through to scales, intervals, chord construction and more.

The beauty is in how Musago does this.

  1. First there are the animated lesson videos which explain the concepts and demonstrate the theory in action.
  2. Then there are the interactive quizzes which test the student on what they have just learned. Quiz results can be viewed by you with the student reporting that comes with your free teacher account. Find out more about teacher accounts here.
  3. And finally there are the worksheets which encourage literacy and retention, as well as another way for you to mark and evaluate each student.

This 3 pronged approach means your students can learn at their own pace and allow you to move around the classroom more. 


Given that this is all online, some of this work can be set as homework, allowing for more time doing practical or covering other required learning. This also works great for students participating in distance education.

Oh, and what if you need a relief teacher? This is a great solution for that too, students can just continue working through the Musago content at their own pace. Brilliant!

Here’s what one classroom teacher has to say about it:

“Musago is a fabulous resource for both studio teaching and class teaching at school. In terms of class teaching, it’s great to have the option to assign homework in terms of videos to watch and worksheets to complete.

It’s also highly suitable for a flipped class teaching model. The videos are engaging and explain the various concepts explicitly and clearly.

In a school context where a sound understanding of theory is essential for students to be able to do compositions in their senior years, this resource is particularly valuable as students can complete the course in their free time or as part of their homework.”

Aimee Rossler, Classroom Music Teacher – NSW.

The MCA grades are another great option for assessment and structure to ensure your students are systematically learning. You can find out more about the MCA grades here.

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So, don’t take our word for it… why not try our free sample course and see for yourself how Musago could be a game-change for you and your students. Your free sample course is waiting here.

We also offer discount rates for schools and academies. 

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By Zac Pugh,


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