How can Musago enhance my teaching business?

Music theory can be delivered within your business in an engaging and fun way. Making it easier for you as the teacher and more enjoyable for your students. 

A big advantage to the studio teacher subscription is that all student’s lesson progress and quiz reports can be seen by you, making it easy to keep track of how all your students are progressing with their theory.

You will also receive a discount on the student licenses which means your business can make more sales, while doing what you already do – teach music!

Studio teacher licenses are available in increments of 5. The more students who are under your teacher subscription, the greater your discount becomes. If you gain or lose students you can upgrade and downgrade your subscription at any time in increments of 5.

Here are some scenarios that a studio teacher might encounter.

Scenario 1*

Liam is a piano teacher with 19 students, so he buys the 20 License subscription.

He then asks his 19 students to pay him $12 per month to use Musago (Single license RRP $12)

Liam receives $228 a month from his students to use Musago.

Liam pays Musago $185 each month and makes a profit of $43 each month, or $516 a year.

Liam now has an engaging system for delivering music theory to his students, can track how all his students are going and is making a small monthly profit. 

Scenario 2*

Mia is a private guitar teacher with 45 students and purchases the 45 license subscription. 

Each student license is $8.56, and Mia has a cost of $385 to Musago each month.

She asks each student to pay $12 (Single license RRP) for their Musago account and receives $540. 

Mia pays $385 to Musago and makes a profit of $155 each month, or $1,860 per year.

*The scenarios mentioned here assume the teacher is not registered for GST. Teachers will need to make their own calculations based on their unique business circumstances.

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