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makes your job easier & is loved by teachers

& students everywhere.

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Here’s how MUSAGO Can transform your business & SKY ROCket student progress…

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Whether you run a small teaching business of 20 – 60 students a week… or run a growing music academy with 100’s of students – Musago will allow you to:

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Save 1000’s of hours of work! All lesson videos, interactive quizzes, worksheets and reporting are done!
Just invite your students.

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Grow your profit by
offering Musago, as well as increase student retention, which is worth $1,000’s over time.

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Increase engagement and see better results for students, parents and teachers.
Win. Win. Win!

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Amazing done for you videos ready for to offer your students. Theory is now super easy to teach!


Teaching your students theory can be really hard!
It can be boring…
It can seem overwhelming to them, and they struggle to see why it even matters.

As a teacher you know they need to learn it somehow, someday…
But you don’t want to risk losing them,
so you just avoid it.


What if students loved doing theory?

What if they found it’s fun to learn and helps them play their instruments better?

What if it was self paced, and each student could learn where they’re at, and you barely had to lift a finger?

And while all this happens, you increase profits for your business!

That’s where MUSAGO comes in…

Add these amazing animated theory lessons to your business and watch your students thrive, and your business grow!

There’s a reason why teachers all over the world are using this – and breathing a sigh of relief.

100% Money Back Guarantee* | Cancel Anytime



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Teach 100 students or less? Offer your students Musago and you will only pay $6 a
month per license. How much you charge your students for these licenses is totally
up to you. Some of our teachers charge an extra 40% – 100% more to their students.
That is very good margin indeed!

We could even do better if you want an annual plan.
Let’s chat.


Do you run an academy with multiple teachers and 100’s of students?
We can create a custom offer that works for you. Monthly susbcription, annual plan or
3-5 year deals… let’s talk.


Are you a school music teacher looking to offer Musago?
We offer special annual school pricing, with multiple class group options.
Let’s make a time to speak.

Let’s find the right deal for you.


If you are not satisfied with Musago, within the first 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. Simple.

Yes! All 14-day trials have full teacher functionality. Students can be invited from your group dashboard.

Yes! You’ll find these in our MCA Grades section. These are accredited with SCSM Examinations INTL. Currently, we offer Preliminary – Grade 6.

Grade 7 and 8 are due to be completed by the end of 2024.

A free teacher account is included with every multi-license purchase.

For example, when you purchase a 10-license subscription, you will have 10 licenses plus your teacher account.

Yes, this can be done from your group dashboard.

After students are invited to a teacher’s group, they will receive a confirmation email. Once they complete that step, they will have access to Musago, and teachers will see their reporting.

Students who are removed from a teacher account will lose Musago access. 

Yes! You can contact us through the Musago website, or email us at

Musago is $6 a month per student license. License packs are available in increments of 5.

We can also invoice for a total annual amount for teachers who prefer that.

We can negotiate prices with academy owners who have 100 students or more.

Step 1: Create account and purchase the desired amount of licenses.

Step 2: Invite students to your teaching group.

Step 3: Students log in and begin using Musago.

Yes. Just scroll up and click the Schedule a call button.

100% Money Back Guarantee* | Cancel Anytime


100% Money Back Guarantee* | Cancel Anytime